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What is pay per click?

PPC is known as Pay Per Click or Search Engine Marketing (SEM). In PPC advertising, you get to pay only when the user clicks on your ad.  Our team of certified PPC professionals work on planning and implementation of campaign to target your buyer persona. In PPC advertising we have the freedom to select as many keywords as we want to show our advertisements. In most scenarios PPC results can be visible in few days of time.

They appear as per audience search for the keywords on the search engine, the leader in this industry is GOOGLE search engine whereas the BING search engine holds almost 17% of the industry. The Header of any search engine is occupied by the top 3 paid ads in their search engine marketing services. To get on the top position you need to strategies your search engine marketing. PAID ADS marketing is one of the essential strategies to run a successful digital marketing campaign. For which choosing an experienced search engine marketing agency plays a key role in your paid ad performance.

Why Pay per click?

Our PPC Management & PPC Services


Our PPC team can manage your PPC advertising budget effectively and reach your target audience with creative, engaging banner and display ads.


Our Adwords experts help increase leads and sales with a targeted Remarketing strategy based on user behavior.


Our PPC professionals create stunning ads for various mobile devices to drive traffic to the site.


With a top-notch team of PPC experts, we assist in reaching the target audience through in-banner video advertising.


Drive instant traffic & conversions with Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest through paid social media advertising services.


We help you implementing and managing Google Shopping Ads or Product Listing Ads (PLA).


PPC (Pay-Per-Click) Advertisement makes thing easy assisting your dedicated websites to be displayed on the top of SERP and at the same time on apposite partner websites for product and service promo. It is a traffic booster with short gestation. Implementing PPC management services to existing online market strategy, you can experience spurt in traffic to your venture propelling it on a higher trajectory. The role of an effective PPC company in optimizing profitability of trade is too crucial to be ignored.

Spent and earn method

PPC Service Expert Marketing

PPC Strategy


Ad Copy Writing

PPC strategy is something that is for tailoring PPC campaign which is best for you and we will get to know the business, UPSs, competitors and industry sector. Then it is possible for you to get the work with you for developing the strategy that can go up for delivering the results that you may be in need of.

We will work for delivering the strategy by actually building existing campaigns and for establishing accounts at the new networks. This is important to us that you can own accounts and that the relationships with network owners.

We ensure that the adverts are tightly focused on keywords of ad groups and to landing pages that are there on the website. It has got strong call to action and also for testing the stuff continuously so that you can be very sure of getting right kind of traffic at very low cost that is available in the industry.

PPC Ads Keywords

PPC Ads Extension

PPC Shopping Ads

We need to ensure that you are targeting best and appropriate kind of keywords and not wasting the spend. They make use of very sophisticated techniques for ensuring that all the search landscape is covered by them while ignoring those areas which are not appropriate for the business.

Ad extensions have become important part with PPC arsenal. Ad extensions can transform the ad text and can give the opportunity for standing out on the over the competitors. If you do not use ad extensions in the bid landscape of today and then you may miss the trick.

We will be there for helping you in setting up, managing and optimizing shopping campaigns and also the product listing ads for promoting the inventory. The experience and the experts with them can help in ensuring right kind of product shows for right type of keywords.

You have choices.

Here are a few reasons to choose us.

If what we’re doing doesn’t make sense to you, we haven’t done our job.

Some clients come to us having been overwhelmed by an SEO agency that didn’t explain the what, how and why. It shouldn’t be this way, and it won’t be with us. We make sure you have all of the information you need in order to hold us accountable.

We get how tough it is out there.

It’s a non-stop challenge to focus on your core service or product when things like hiring, finances and marketing are pulling you away. We can create more space for you to do what you do best while we do the same. That’s good for business, yours and ours.


We want you to invest carefully.

Turnkey packages would be easier for us, but not so good for your ROI. Every service is customized, and if your needs change, we can adjust your service mix. Since we don’t have long-term contracts, changing your services is frictionless.


why RS Digital Solutions?

We are a “sure-shot” player in the market with potent marketing Strategy and efficacious Ads campaign. We cover the extra mile to benefit our valued clients. We at RS Digital Solutions offer a brand new experience towards Digital Marketing Services with our result targeted PPC services.


Tackle your business smartly. There is a huge business gap between spend and wise- spend. Plan today for PPC and see business optimization with comparable stats. Be stable, be focused to implement our game changing quality ad campaign to your business and let’s celebrate your success together.

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